Tanzania Peaberry NgoroNgoro

Dry Fragance 1-5 Wet Aroma 1-5 Acidity 1-10 Depth 1-10 Body 1-5 Finish 1-10
3.6 3.7 8.9 8.7 3.6 8.6

Our Tanzania is grown on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro near the Kenya border and has some characteristics as Kenya coffee; yes it is from a convent of nuns The estate is daughters of Mary NgoroNgoro”with the coffee overseen by Sister Maggie and Sister Zenobia. In tp this coffee gives strong peach-apricot notes, with a nutty tone underneath The acidity makes this cup very lively. Overall Medium- bold intensity slight rustic quality. though much lighter in acidity. Some believe that the smaller, more compact shape of the bean renders a flavor that is concentrated and livelier in the cup is the cause.