Java Government Estate Pancoer

Dry Fragance 1-5 Wet Aroma 1-5 Acidity 1-10 Depth 1-10 Body 1-5 Finish 1-10
2.8 3.3 7.0 8.4 4.2 8.2

Javas can be a hit or miss; there was a time when I wouldn’t buy Java coffees based on outrageous prices and extremely poor cup quality. That was five years back and despite a lot of competition to buy the really good Java coffees from the 6 government estates, we have been able to stock some pretty fine lots of this origin. There are 3 names you will see here; Djampit (Jampit), Blawan and Kayumas. In any given season, one is better than another and I cup them all regularly to determine which is the real winner. Java is not a complex cup I get a really good dark chocolate bittersweet aroma and oily body. A sense of thickness to the cup.